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Many BIRD projects have had long-term impact on companies and society.
Below are some examples of these projects:

New Drug for Treating Certain Types of Cancer

NovellusDx, of Israel (Fore Biotherapeutics), and Christiana Care’s Gene Editing Institute, of Delaware, were awarded a BIRD grant  to identify the genetic mechanism responsible for many types of cancer progression.

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Validated Situational Awareness Platform

ImageSat (ISI), a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industry, partnered with Sunnyvale, CA company,, to develop a system that aggregates high-resolution satellite imagery with crowdsourced mobile user information. The companies jointly developed the ‘Closeup’ solution based on the ISI intelligence platform and Balcony’s geo communication platform.

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Combined Radipgraphic and Muon Detection System

Lingacom Ltd. of Tel Aviv, Israel, and Rapiscan Laboratories Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA, developed a secondary detection system that can detect subatomic particles known as muons. The technology uses cosmic ray muons to generate three-dimensional images and can detect a wide range of objects, from hidden cargo in trucks to underground formations.

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Multi-Mission, Multi-Type HLS Drone Command & Control Capability

Blue White Robotics and Easy Aerial developed a platform that allows a single operator to simultaneously operate multiple drones and missions from the drone command and control center. The drones can be from different manufacturers and may be autonomous during the entire flight or manual in case of need. The name of the system is Soteria.

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Digital Servo System

The BIRD project between Kollmorgen (Radford, VA) and Servotonix (Israel) led to the development of a low cost, high performance digital servo motor drive serving a wider range of power requirements.

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Health Information Business Intelligence Platform

Through a joint project funded by the BIRD Foundation, Treato (First Life Research Ltd.) (Israel) collaborated with Healthline (San Francisco, CA) to deliver its drug decision support tools to patients through Healthline’s online drug information center.

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Video Ad Targeting Platform

SET Media (previously named Affine Systems) (San Francisco, CA), partnered with Ron Soferman (Israel), in 2011 to develop an online video ad targeting application using computer vision technology.

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Bio-enhanced Drycast Concrete Products that Mitigate Climate Impact

Besser (Alpena, MI) and ECOncrete Tech Ltd. (Israel) received BIRD funding to produce Bio-Enhanced (environmentally friendly) dry cast concrete products. These products enhance the biological and ecological value of infrastructure like seawalls, breakwaters, piers, while also contributing to their stability and longevity.

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Sight restoration by Artificial Retina Prosthesis

With support from the BIRD Foundation, Rainbow Medical Ltd. (Israel) and Zynex Labs Inc. (Richrdson, TX), developed the Bio-Retina, a “bionic retina” designed to replace the damaged retina in the eye and return full sight to those blinded by retinal degenerative conditions.

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