Homeland Security

Multi-Mission, Multi-Type HLS Drone Command & Control Capability

Blue White Robotics

Easy Aerial

Blue White Robotics and Easy Aerial developed a platform that allows a single operator to simultaneously operate multiple drones and missions from the drone command and control center. The drones can be from different manufacturers and may be autonomous during the entire flight or manual in case of need. The name of the system is Soteria.

Blue White Robotics provides a ‘Robot as a Service’ platform which transforms traditional businesses making them autonomous and data-driven. The company develops a full autonomous stack consisting of data & fleet management platforms. The U.S. partner, Brooklyn-based Easy Aerial, develops fully autonomous drone-based solutions for perimeter security and incident management. Easy Aerial’s Smart Aerial Monitoring System uses autonomous UASs that are deployed from a mobile or stationary launchpad and housed in a box.
The companies have demonstrated the Soteria solution in recent months to customers – mainly HLS companies and agencies that operate multiple drones. Among them are disaster recovery and management projects in Japan, the U.S. Air Force, Space-X, a UAE HLS agency, and others. 



Approved 2019