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New Drug for Treating Certain Types of Cancer


Christiana Care's Gene Editing Institute

NovellusDx, of Israel (Fore Biotherapeutics), and Christiana Care’s Gene Editing Institute, of Delaware, were awarded a BIRD grant  to identify the genetic mechanism responsible for many types of cancer progression.
The NovellusDx technology uses computer algorithms and live cells to probe the genetic mutations in the tumor of a cancer patient. The technology identifies the “driver mutations” which are involved in the cancer’s progression. The technology can also screen a series of cancer drugs to determine which treatments are likely to be most effective at shutting down these particular driver mutations.

This joint project integrated a pioneering new gene-editing technique developed by the Christiana Care Gene Editing Institute into NevellusDX’s cancer diagnostic process. It led NovellusDx to identify a specific drug as a candidate to treat various types of cancer.

In June 2020, Novellus signed an exclusive licensing agreement with a multinational pharmaceutical company to develop their compounds further to identify hyper-specific biomarkers and match them with the right cancer patients.


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