Upload System

Submission of Executive Summary and Project Proposal Documents



BIRD Document Upload Instructions

The following are instructions for uploading the drafts and the final documents of the Project  Executive Summary and Project Proposal.
The formats of the documents to be uploaded can be found on: BIRD Procedures and Submission Forms

Kindly contact our staff in Israel or our colleagues in the U.S. prior to registering on our Upload system.
Such contact will enable a preliminary discussion of the project, the proposed partnership and the various options available to prospective participants. 

BIRD advises against waiting until the last moment and encourages uploading no later than 24 hours prior to the deadline. This provides sufficient time for system registration, account approval, receipt of authentication code, counterpart username and document upload well before the deadline.

Executive Summary Upload:
In conjunction with the Executive Summary, all privately held companies must provide a full list of their shareholders via a specific Excel file 
template. This file should be uploaded on BIRD’s Upload System:
This specific shareholder information will be shared only with BIRD personnel and the Board of Governors, and not with the collaborating company or the evaluators.
Note: Failure to submit this shareholder information from either company, as applicable, will result in an incomplete submission and the Executive Summary will not be accepted.


New to the system?

Register in the system: Enter all data marked as mandatory.
Note: The Company username will be used to login into the system.
The username can be chosen arbitrarily (if it already exists you will be prompted to choose a different one).
Make sure to give an active, valid e-mail for correspondence with the system. An authentication code will be sent to the listed e-mail for verification.

Please select your contact with whom you have been in touch. The contact at BIRD will receive a request to approve your registration and activate your account.

Once your account is activated you will receive a notification e-mail and can log into the system.

The system requires two-factor authentication for entering the Upload System.
Apart from the username & password, logging in will require entering a code that will be sent to your e-mail.
Again, please make sure to enter a valid e-mail when registering.

Creating a Project
Two of the companies have to register in the system. The partner’s company username is mandatory when creating a new submission. Therefore, in order to initiate a submission process, one of the companies (IL or U.S.) should gather the username of the counterpart.  
Any of the two sides can initiate the process by logging in and choosing “create project”.



Entering the username of the counterpart:  

Upon completing the above steps please proceed to file submission. Please note that after file upload you have to press the
“Save” button:


Please note that each file uploaded should not exceed 8 MB.

General points:

Changes can be made to your profile at any time (except for your Company username).

Changes to uploaded files can be made at any time while the system is open, i.e. until the deadline for submission, as published on our website or as advised to the companies. If the status is “open” it is possible to upload, update or delete any of the files.

After the deadline, the data becomes “read-only” no changes can be done to the files.

To make changes in your project’s data, log in and click “Edit”. After making the changes remember to save again. It is possible to update the uploaded files or to delete files previously uploaded. Should you wish to make a change in a file already uploaded, you will have to make the corrections/updates in your original file(s) and reload the revised file(s). Please note that the latest uploaded version of the same document will overwrite the previous one.

Do not send your files by email to BIRD, unless you are explicitly requested to do so.  

Proposal Upload:

The full submission of the Proposal will include the upload of each of the following files,
Certificate of incorporation – for each company (pdf)
Project proposal in Word
Project proposal in PDF
Budget for IL company
Budget for US company
Gantt chart 
Signatures Page (using the Cover page of the Proposal)
Names and details of signatory right owners that will sign the agreements if and when relevant (for each company)
For private companies – last available audited financial reports and compiled (unaudited) financial reports of the latest fiscal year. These reports are uploaded separately by each company. The information is accessible to BIRD personnel only and not to the partnering company.