Validated Situational Awareness Platform

ImageSat (ISI) (Vioozer Inc.)

ImageSat (ISI), a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industry, partnered with Sunnyvale, CA company,, to develop a system that aggregates high-resolution satellite imagery with crowdsourced mobile user information.

The companies jointly developed the ‘Closeup’ solution based on the ISI intelligence platform and Balcony’s geo communication platform. This platform merges geo-data validation by seamlessly aggregating high-resolution satellite imagery with smartphone users on the ground, providing a new source of information and insights into developing incidents.

The platform will enable organizations to quickly gather, analyze and identify locations of interest from satellite imagery and immediately reach mobile phone users at those locations with targeted requests for information and receive eyewitness accounts that only a person on the ground can provide. The solution intends to offer Validated Situational Awareness faster and more accurately than traditional information sources and it can be applied as a real time management tool for unfolding events.

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Approved 2017