Life Sciences

Sight restoration by Artificial Retina Prosthesis

Rainbow Medical

Zynex Labs

With support from the BIRD Foundation, Rainbow Medical Ltd. (Israel) and Zynex Labs Inc. (Richrdson, TX), developed the Bio-Retina, a “bionic retina” designed to replace the damaged retina in the eye and return full sight to those blinded by retinal degenerative conditions.

This tiny implant mimics the human eye’s natural physiological processes and is powered by a special pair of activation eyeglasses.

On March 30, 2020, Nano Retina Ltd. reported preliminary results for First-in-Human implantations of its artificial retina devices. The first two patients, blinded by retinitis pigmentosa, have undergone the minimally invasive procedure to implant the device. Following activation of the device, both patients reported visual effects, which Nano Retina expects to optimize over the coming months allowing them to complete the clinical trial and bring this technology to market.


Approved Dec. 2009