BIRD HLS Approved Projects

The following projects have been approved from BIRD HLS:



September 2023 (Haifa, Israel) and Inspire Labs (New York, New York)
Development of a real-time biofeedback-based fraud detection platform for HLS-wide field deployment.

NeuralGuard (Netanya, Israel) and Point Security (Lexington, North Carolina)
Development of an AI auto detection system of improvised explosive devices for X-ray.

NextVision Stabilized Systems (Raanana, Israel) and Data Blanket (Bellevue, Washington)
Development of an airborne sensors and computer vision system for wildfire suppression and real-time situation awareness in HLS and disaster response applications.


September 2022

CyberBee (Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel) and EyeCloud.AI (San Jose, California)
Development of a personal mini AI autonomous indoor UAV fit for HLS-wide deployment.

Oversight Technologies (Bnei Brak, Israel) and Shield AI (San Diego, California)
Development of The Urban Hack – Joint System for Enhancing Situational Awareness of Tactical Forces that Relays on the Data Gathered by the NOVA 2’s Drone on Real-time

August 2021

Ciconia (Ness Ziona, Israel) and Sagetech Avionics (White Salmon, Washington)
Development of a mid-air conflict management and collision avoidance system for first responders’ aerial platforms.

Carbyne (Tel-Aviv, Isael) and CentralSquare Technologies (Lake Mary, Florida)
Development of a real-time multi-media emergency call (911) communications for public safety and first responders.

December 2020

Levitection (Haifa, Israel) and Liberty Defense (Peachtree Corners, Georgia)
Development of a threat and weapons detection platform fusion for the public safety market. 

Ception Technologies (Jerusalem, Israel) and Hivemapper (Burlingame, California)
Development of a Fused Air and Ground 3D Mapping System.

November 2019

Blue White Robotics (Tel Aviv, Israel) and Easy Aerial (Brooklyn, New York)
Development of a multi-mission, multi-type HLS drone command & control capability.

S. H. Goren Management (Emek Hefer, Israel) and 3AM Innovations (Buffalo, New York)
Completion of the development of an indoor positioning wearable for First Responders.

Cawamo (Hod Hasharon, Israel) and LiveView Technologies (Orem, Utah)
Development of a fully turn-key AI based analytics video security solution for remote sites.


June 2018

ELTA Systems (Ashdod, Israel) (Israel Aircraft Industries) and TLC Solutions (St. Augustine, FL)
Development of an advanced drone mounted search and rescue system for locating victims under ruins and in disaster areas by accurate location of their cellular phones.

HiRiseTech (Petach Tikva, Israel) and Allstate Sprinkler Corp. (Bronx, NY)
Development of a first responders emergency radio repeater system for existing high-rise buildings.


June 2017

Beeper Communications Israel (Ramat Gan, Israel) and Mantaro Networks Inc. (Germantown, Maryland)
Development of an unmanned search and rescue system.

Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd. (Netanya, Israel) and M87, Inc. (Bellevue,Washington)
Development of a public safety off-network broadband communications using 
multi-hop WiFi/LTE/D2D communications (ProSE) technology.

Simlat, Ltd (Petah-Tikva, Israel) and Sinclair Community College (Dayton, Ohio) 
Development of an autonomous drone-based search & rescue solution.


June 2016

ARTsys360 (Holon, Israel) and Lion Group (Dayton, OH)
Development of a Precision Identification Device (RAPID 3D).

SayVU Technologies Ltd. (Tel Aviv, Israel) and Opto Knowledge Systems, Inc.(Torrance, CA)
Development of an Indoor Positioning, Locating, and Reporting system.