COFES Israel Forum


COFES Israel Forum on Software for Innovation and Sustainable Design for Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, and Industry

December 16, 2010; Hilton Tel Aviv; Tel Aviv, Israel

Participants from around the world will converge on Tel Aviv in December next year to participate in the COFES Israel Forum. This by-invitation-only, landmark event will shine a light on how the world’s engineering software community can accelerate the execution of innovation and sustainable design to meet global demand.

What is COFES?

Cyon Research Corporation’s groundbreaking symposium, the Congress on the Future of Engineering Software -- more commonly known as COFES -- has been the most important gathering place for the engineering software industry since 2000. Each year, 275 industry leaders, users, vendors, Executives, consultants, and press meet and share their insights.

More than any lecture series or trade conference, COFES accommodates a relaxed, honest, and intelligent conversation about the future of our industry. COFES builds an invaluable commodity called community; from which both new ideas and bold actions naturally spring forth.

COFES was founded on the idea that one-on-one interaction and the building of community are the most valuable functions of an industry forum. COFES eschews the distractions of a trade show floor and the formality of executive presentations for a comfortable atmosphere of large and small group discussions with the most influential players and most innovative minds of the software world.

COFES is recognized around the world as the one place where leading thinkers and practitioners from the community of users and vendors of software for design and engineering (BIM/CAD/CAE/DP/PLM/PM/PPM, etc.) can interact in intellectually vigorous conversations, without their sales and marketing hats on.

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Date 16/12/2010
Location Hilton Tel Aviv; Israel
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