Global Security Challenge Annual Competition

Aug 6th 2010 -Application Deadline

$500,000 Grant For Innovation in

Home Land Security


The MIT Forum of Israel is honored to be the 2010 host for the European regional Semi-Final of the Global Security Challenge annual competition. The Semi-Final is being held in Israel for the first time this year. The event will take place on Wednesday October 6th 2010 at the Lion Hall, Recanati Building – Tel Aviv University.

The Global Security Challenge (GSC) is a leading international competition for Home Land Security technology startups and SMEs. It is sponsored by the counter-terrorism technology agency of the US Department of Defense (TSWG), which awards $500,000 to the two winning companies each year. Last year an Israeli startup, Adaptive Imaging Technologies Ltd., was chosen out of 460 companies worldwide – the first Israeli company to be a winner of this contest.

If your company develops innovative Home Land Security technologies, you should certainly consider entering the Global Security Challenge competition. Besides for the potential cash awards, companies who reach the Semi Finals and Finals receive extensive industry, government, and VC exposure and contacts.

The application deadline is Aug 6th 2010, and is FREE of charge. You can access the application information online at:

Among the sponsors of the competition are the following organizations / agencies:

 • Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) of the US Defense Department 

• Office of Naval Research (ONR) of the US Navy 

• BAE Systems

• Accenture 

• Smiths-Detection 

Date 6/10/2010
Location Recanati Building – Tel Aviv University
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