ILSI-Biomed Israel 2009


ILSI Biomed 2009 will provide attendees with insights into the underlying drivers of future changes in BioPharma and Medical Device industries. As the market environment toughens, new business models are evolving. Large Pharma attempts to focus and emulate Biotech creativity while Biotech strives for more expansive operating mode. Come listen and learn from the experts: is the future in combination therapy of drugs and devices? Is focus on personal medicine a recipe for success? What is the right model for your company to thrive rather than survive? 

BIRD Foundation Session:
MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2009, 17:30- 18:30


Donna J. Edmonds, Executive Director, Virginia Biosciences Commercialization Center
Martin S. Knopf, Knopf Associates Inc.
Stephen B. Thau, Partner, Co-Chair of Morrison & Foerster's Palo Alto Life Sciences Office
Scott Jackson, Vice President, McKesson's Surgery Center Division
Gera Strommer, General Manager, MediGuide Navigation Systems, St. Jude Medical
Ron H. Maron, Director, Business Development, BIRD Foundation
Abraham Ludomirski, Founder & Managing Partner, Vitalife, Life Sciences Venture

Delivering Healthcare Solutions through Strategic Alliances in the U.S.


Rethinking R&D: Can the Productivity Gap be Addressed Through Earlier Stage Collaborations?


The aging world population greater need for new remedies and the diminishing pipeline are driving forces for big pharma and medical devices firms to embrace earlier-stage deals, as well as research collaborations.

The thrust for innovation encourages managements to seek discovery outside the corporation boundaries, leading to a collaborative, distributed and less proprietary behavior.


There is no doubt in the need and the trend. The question is how.


This session, organized by the BIRD Foundation, is comprised by panel members with hands-on experience in Strategic Alliances and “BIRD experience”.

The panelists will share their experience on how companies have leveraged strategic alliances to accelerate healthcare innovation, covering issues such as

         What are the Big Ones are looking for?

         What kind of deals can one expect?

         What are the best ways to ensure safe and successful integration with corporate R&D?

         What are the main obstacles and potential deal-breakers?

        How can leverage the BIRD Foundation to support collaborations?

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Date 15/06/2009
Location Tel-Aviv
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