Eilat International Renewable Energy Conference in Israel

Alternative Energy Project
The City of Eilat and the Eilot Regional Administration are hosting the present Conference.
It is part of an ambitious program in the southern Arava desert, to generate 100% regional energy independence within a decade (see the Conference web site). This will create a regional test bed for accelerated innovations. The program serves as a blueprint for other regions in the world. Other similar regional renewable energy programs will be presented.
The vision would be to create a global network of similar regional renewable energy development programs.
Eilat, Israel's leading resort site, will provide an attractive, relaxing and business-like atmosphere, particularly suited because of its proximity to the planned projects. Guests will learn how the technological and regulatory developments are fueling the growing business opportunities in the south of Israel. 
Event Background
The Eilat International conference will be a platform for leaders of commerce, scientists, government leaders, bankers and investors to share information and take actions towards a post fossil fuel economy. This conference will be an intense and synergetic forum presenting and debating policies, towards effective and doable solutions.
The focus will be on formulating strategies to fight the global energy crisis. Examples of successful industrial or governmental strategies will be presented. Networking will be conducive to transforming specific threats into business opportunities.
The Eilot event will be an excellent opportunity to get acquainted to Israel's burgeoning cleantech industry, driven by over 600 startups and enterprises.
Companies will meet investors and clients at the Exhibition, a showcase for innovation.
Eilat is located at the junction between Asia and Africa and will attract representatives from all over the world.
Target Audience
Investors, Finance, Entrepreneurs, Organizations in the Energy Sectors, Industry Leaders, Government Leaders, Environmentalists, Clean-Tech Specialists as well as Academic Experts in Energy and Policy, etc.

Date 17/02/2009 - 19/02/2009
Location Herods Palace, Red Sea Resort, Eilat
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