Investment & Entrepreneurship International Summit

Leading VC and Angel investors, serial entrepreneurs and government officials from around the world will share actual experiences and compare plans and strategies. Participants will have a unique opportunity to form active networks for continued collaboration after the summit.

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Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, BIRD's Executive Director is a panel member on Monday, June 26, Tel Aviv- David Intercontinental Hotel

3:50pm Panel I: Infrastructure, Enablers and Accelerators
    Topics covered include: Incubator programs; Technology transfers from Universities, Defense and Aerospace industries; Legislative and tax incentives
Panelists:Ambassador CHEN Yonglong of China, Avi Katz, Joseph Bach
, Eitan Yudilevich

The following individuals are on the advisory board comittee of the International Investment and Entrepreneurship 2006:
Amos Wilnai
Ariel Blecher, Silicom Ventures
Benzion Blecher, BY Production
Dan Maydan, Applied Materials
Doron Simon, Vasucorp
Doron Nesher, Jerusalem Fund
Eli Sternheim
Ella Van Gool, NBSO California
Joseph Bach, Sughrue Mion
Joshua Behar, IBM Israel
Lili Naveh, American Society of Technion
Michal Miasnik, BIRD Foundation
Ram Banin, Global Catalyst Partners
Tal Behar, Silicom Ventures
Zvi Yaniv, Applied Nanotech, Inc.

About Silicom Ventures:
Founded in 1998 in Silicon Valley, California, Silicom Ventures is one of the largest angel and VC investment forums in the US. Silicom Ventures offers monthly investment meetings, annual symposium and a Variety of educational seminars.

Date 26/06/2006 - 28/06/2006
• Day One: Tel Aviv. Summit at the David Intercontinental Hotel
• Day Two: Jerusalem. Meet government officials and industry leaders
• Day Three: Haifa. Visit facult
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