BIRD Guidelines

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BIRD can provide prospective applicants with information regarding the Foundation. However, before a company starts preparing a proposal, we strongly recommend a personal meeting with our staff in Israel or with our colleagues in the US. Such meetings enable a preliminary discussion of the projects, the proposed partnership, and the various options available to prospective participants.

BIRD cost-shares with Israeli company-U.S. company in the development, to the point of commercial readiness, of innovation (nondefense) technology-based products or processes which have reasonable potential for generating revenues and profits commensurate with the risks. The actual method by which the support is provided is quite straightforward - BIRD cost-shares 50:50 with each Israeli-U.S. partner. Despite this significant financial involvement, BIRD acquires neither equity nor rights to intellectual property.

The close ties with the pools of technological expertise at the NIST in Washington and at the Office of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Jerusalem, allows BIRD to consider a broad spectrum of technological areas. BIRD's criteria include the uniqueness of the technology, from a competitive point of view and the company's ability to realize its commercial potential. Any pair of Israeli and US companies which consider a mutual project with a potentially global market, a short to medium time-to-market, manageable risk with large potential success and fast repayment should apply. BIRD particularly encourages those who operate in new areas where the technology and market are emerging and carry an above average risk and an above average opportunity to make it big.

BIRD Procedures Handbook

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