Message from the Executive Director

January 2017



40 Years of Commitment to U.S. - Israel Collaboration  


“…..Convinced that applied scientific cooperation between the two countries in industrial research and development will strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding between their people and advance the state of industrial research and development to the benefit of both countries…..”

These visionary words are part of the preamble to the Israel - U.S. agreement establishing the BIRD Foundation, inaugurated on May 18, 1977.

Forty years have passed. The Foundation has fulfilled its mission by maintaining the significance of a well-established model, while at the same time, keeping up with a changing global environment.

There is much value in learning from the past, which we constantly do in order to improve. It is also important to summarize and celebrate past achievements. In the coming year, we are planning to celebrate four decades of promoting and supporting joint U.S.-Israel research and development for mutual benefit.


However, we cannot pause to enjoy the moment for too long since our objective is to continue supporting U.S. and Israeli companies as they embark on a bright future through innovation and collaboration. In addition to its traditional support of all technology sectors, in recent years, BIRD has established two new funding programs in energy and in homeland security, increasing the Foundation’s capability to support partnerships and innovation. Our goal is to strengthen and expand these cooperation programs, as articulated in recent U.S. legislation calling for increased collaboration: the U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 and the recently approved U.S.-Israel Advanced Research Partnership Act of 2016, focusing on cybersecurity collaboration.


For the near future, we are looking to promote collaborations in growing technology sectors such as agrotechnology, smart transportation and advanced manufacturing.


In a year of new beginnings and more than a few uncertainties, we believe the BIRD Foundation has the infrastructure, the culture and the reputation to become even more significant in its contribution, seeking new avenues for U.S.-Israel collaboration.

Eitan Yudilevich, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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