The BIRD Model





Any two companies, one registered in Israel and the other in the U.S., may jointly apply for BIRD support, as long as they have the combined capability and infrastructure to define, develop, manufacture, sell and support an innovative product or service, referred to as "the Product". The two partnering companies are collectively referred to as "the Proposer".


One key criterion is that each company shall have the demonstrated ability to carry out its part of the Product's joint development program, referred to as "the Project", as well as its part in the commercialization. Another key criterion is that the nature of the business relationship between the two companies is that of sharing; both in the Product's development program and in the revenue derived from its commercialization.



BIRD participates in the Project's development cost, referred to as "the Budget", with the Proposer, by funding up to 50% of the Project's budget, referred to as "the Conditional Grant". The two companies, separately and together, are obligated to repay BIRD, referred to as "the Repayment", the total Conditional Grant received, but almost always only from revenue generated by the Product's sales upon successful commercialization.



BIRD's Model of Payments - Repayments





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