Press Releases in 2008

The BIRD Foundation, the Binational Israel – U.S. Foundation will Invest $9 Million in 12 Projects of Advanced Development in Areas of Life Sciences, Energy, Communications and Nanotechnology

Among the U.S. partners are companies as GE, Texas Instrumentsand RohmandHaas

Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, Executive Director of the BIRD Foundation: “Partnerships with U.S. Companies accelerate market entry – a necessity in the current global economic situation”

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December 11, 2008

The BIRD Foundation, the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation, will invest about $11 Million in 13 advanced development projects in areas such as asthma detection, biofuel from waste, car collision avoidance and an intelligent system for training ice hockey players.

Included among the American partners are companies such as GM, Pfizer, BP Solar and more.

Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, the Foundation’s Executive Director: “companies in the Cleantech sector have matured sufficiently to enable them to collaborate with U.S. companies.”

June 18, 2008