Press Coverage in 2022

Blink will be an official U.S. distributor to market and sell the ZOOZTER™-100, a flywheel-based power boosting and cost-effective technology enabling sustainable, fast electric vehicle charging anywhere, including areas with a volatile grid

Blink | December 5, 2022


U.S.-Israeli businesses ‘free as a bird’ to change the future of energy through DOE’s R&D program

… To build bridges with countries who will help the world achieve net-zero emissions, the United States partnered with Israel to support industrial research and development as part of a collaboration known as BIRD Energy, or the Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation Energy Program.

This initiative isn’t just about international cooperation, though. To help both countries develop the solutions needed to advance a global clean energy transition, BIRD Energy, provides funding for initiatives focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, natural gas and energy-water technologies, like hydropower. | April 20, 2022