Press Coverage in 2021

It is time to expand US-Israel collaboration in health technologies

The Israeli life sciences sector has grown steadily in the last decade. According to a report published by the Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI)

About 30% of the projects approved by the US-Israel Bi-national Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation in the last decade have been in life sciences (including medical devices) and healthcare IT.

The US and Israel have a long tradition of research and development cooperation, including joint R&D funded or partially funded by the two governments. In addition to the defense sector, in the last two decades, the US and Israel have identified other areas, such as energy and homeland security, that are of strategic importance to both countries. Since 2009, Congress provided funding for R&D cooperation in these sectors which was matched by Israel.
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Jerusalem Post | Eitan Yudilevich | January 5, 2021