Press Coverage in 2012

Infrastructure: New playground for cyber attacks

As renewable energy technology and electricity infrastructure advance, planners must be cautious.
As innovators attempt to increase energy efficiency and accessibility by interconnecting utilities and their endpoints to virtual smart grids, consumers and producers alike will increasingly face the threat of cyber security’s ultimate intruder – the professional hacker.

Experts discussed smart grids, smart cities and solutions for potentially grave cyber security threats in several sessions last week during the three-day Eilat-Eilot Fifth International Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition.
Sharon Udasin

Acorn Energy Companies DSIT and US Seismic Collaborate to Win $900,000 BIRD Development Grant

Montchanin, DE, USA, July 11, 2012 -‐ Acorn Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACFN), announced today that two of the Acorn Energy portfolio companies, DSIT Solutions Ltd. and US Seismic Systems Inc., were awarded a $900,000 grant from the BIRD Israel‐U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation. The grant is being awarded for the joint development of the next generation

integrated passive/active threat detection system for underwater site protection. The BIRD Foundation provides funding money for projects involving joint innovation and development between American and Israeli companies.

SOURCE: Acorn Energy, Inc.
Investor & Press Contact: Paul G. Henning
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July 11, 2012

Finisar buys Red-C Optical Networks for $43m

Finisar Corporation (Nasdaq: FNSR) has acquired Red-C Optical Networks Ltd. for $43 million in cash and shares: $23.7 million in cash and up to $20 million in cash or Finisar shares to Red-C shareholders and employees, based on milestones over the next 18 months. Finisar’s market cap is $1.3 billion.

The acquisition of Red-C is Finistar’s second presence in Israel. In 2008, it acquired US company Optium, which had acquired Israel’s Kailight Phtonics for $40 million a year earlier.
Finisar and Red-C are BIRD grantees

Published by Globes [online], Israel business news
Shmulik Shelach
July 3, 2012

Hockey Players Use Israeli Air Force Brain Technology

Muscles can be toned, endurance can be refined, leadership qualities can be taught. But how do you train a hockey player’s brain? Can a coach work the areas of a player’s brain responsible for awareness and intuition?

The Israeli Air Force, of all people, has the answer.
More specifically, the answer comes from Applied Cognitive Engineering, or ACE, an Israeli technology company that has worked with the Israelis and the U.S. Air Force, as well as NASA and the American military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Originally used to train fighter pilots, ACE’s IntelliGym is now being adopted by more and more hockey coaches.

USA Hockey and ACE Applied Cognitive Engineering Ltd received a grant from the BIRD Foundation

Tal Pinchevsky
NHL Insider (The National Hockey League)
March 18, 2012

Paralysed Woman To Complete Marathon Using Robotic Skeleton

Paralysed in a horse-riding accident in 2007, Claire Lomas was told by doctors that she would never walk again. But thanks to a special robotic suit, the 31-year-old Brit is now back on her feet.
Lomas, who has been wheelchair-bound since her accident, is so excited by recent developments that she’s decided to take on a challenge that even most able-bodied people would balk at — a 26-mile marathon.

ReWalk’s creator, an Israel-based tech company called Argo Medical Technologies, together with Allied Orthotics & Prosthetics have received a BIRD grant.

No Camels – Israeli Innovation News
February 20, 2012