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Energy Center – Q&A’s

Energy Center – Q&A’s

What is the EXTENDED deadline for submission of proposals

 Submission Deadline for Proposals (Extended): September 16, 2019

Where can I find the Energy Center Submission Procedures?


Energy Center Procedures Handbook & Submission Files: Click here

Could one entity be part of multiple proposals in one topic (Lead in one, sub in other)?


Yes, an entity can be a Lead in one proposal and a consortium member in another, for the same Topic. An entity cannot be a Lead for more than one proposal for the same Topic (Section 3.2 of the Submission Procedure, Page 12).


Can a U.S. National Lab be a Leader?

Yes; A U.S. National Lab can be the U.S. Lead (there is a U.S. Lead and an Israeli Lead).


It is important to read Section 7.14 of the Submission Procedures, which provides the information on how to prepare the budget, what expenses are recognized, etc. (for each of those expenses cost-sharing is accepted).

The 50% cost-share requirement is calculated at the Leader level. See the statement below from the procedures (Section 3.5). Thus in a consortium, there may be consortium members that provide less than 50% cost-share.

Budgeting in-kind expenses is allowed, based on the value of the services or goods. Of course, proof of the costs will be required to be presented for an audit. The cost should include direct costs only, since according to the budget preparation instructions, there is separate compensation for the overhead costs (Section 7.14.4 of the submission procedures, Pages 44 and 45).



There are no repayments or royalties in this program.

What are the relevant Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) for this program?

The answer is based on the U.S. DOE TRLs.
For all the Topics: TRLs 3-7.

Where can I find the Energy Center Funding Agreement Template?