European Forum for Innovation 2012







Once a year, for each of its thematic areas, the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), brings together a comprehensive range of key innovation stakeholders and actors at its Inno-Summit. At the Summit, EAI members transfer their year-round collaboration activities into on-site opportunities for presentations, meetings, cooperation, recognition, strategy and hands-on experience of the best innovations of the year.

EAI Leaders Panel 2: Policy and Strategy






Effective Innovation policy, strategy and leadership are crucial to chart the correct course of the future. Through its grassroots Innovation Program EAI is able to draw on ideas from many influential decision makers at all levels.  EAI is the only community that allows the ideas of individuals to be amplified through its community, and present it through effective forms of its strategic and advisory committees.


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Date 4/12/2012 - 6/11/2012
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