New Media Innovation

New Media Innovation

Seminar to be held jointly by: 
The BIRD Foundation,  The Israel Venture Association (IVA), 
& The Sammy Ofer School of Communications at IDC, Herzliya.

Keynote speaker: Mr. Don Levy, Senior Vice President Marketing and Communications,
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Dr. Oren Zuckerman from the School of Communications will present case-studies of Cross-Platform Entertainment experiences, followed by a panel discussion about "New Media Innovation in Israel: Goals & Challenges".

Panel participants include executives from Israel's TV & Internet industries, as well as young innovators in the fields of grass-roots marketing, mobile content, and in-game advertising.

Invitees include senior members of the Israeli Venture Capital community, executives from the Media & Communication industries, and leading innovators from Internet & Mobile companies.

For further info, please contact Michal Miasnik at 

Date 19/12/2007
Location Herzliya
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