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Dear friends and colleagues,
We are glad to publish the first edition of the BIRD newsletter. This newsletter aims to
serve as a means to update you about the various developments and activities going on at BIRD, as well as to act as a spotlight for promising collaboration opportunities for Israeli and American companies. We see the newsletter, especially in its preliminary stage, as a dynamic tool – its contents may change in the future, mirroring developments and new directions we pursue. We welcome your comments and suggestions, and hope it will be of benefit to you.
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Director's Perspective                                                                                                         

BIRD and Two Emerging Areas: Alternative Energy and Water

BIRD has been supporting US-Israeli partnerships for almost 29 years in diverse areas: Telecommunications, Electronics and Semiconductors, Software and Medical Devices. In the 90s, BIRD started supporting Biotechnology projects and after 9/11, BIRD entered the area of Homeland Security.


Recently, we have been looking at two emerging areas: Alternative Energy and Water.


The US and Israel signed an Energy Cooperation Agreement on February 2000, which provides a framework for common energy projects. The geopolitical situation and the rising price of oil have caused an increased interest in Alternative/Renewable Energy technologies, such as: Biofuels, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Fuel Cells, etc. The US and Israel have much to gain from cooperation in this important area, which at the same time has become a growing business opportunity for companies developing promising technologies.


Over the last two decades there has been a 40% increase in the worldwide water use. There is an increasing awareness that without action, this steady increase may lead to water scarcity for a large percentage of humanity. One of the aspects in dealing with this possible emerging crisis is advanced Water Technology, which is being developed to deal with water recycling, water security, water-efficient systems for industrial applications and others. Israel has been a leader in solving a natural, systemic water problem and it has much to offer in this area. There are leading Israeli companies in the area of irrigation systems and a lot of talent is being focused to develop other water-technology businesses, with emphasis on exports.


Companies interested in pursuing a US-Israeli partnership in one of the aforementioned areas, may approach BIRD to discuss the opportunity. Our contact information and the proposal deadlines can be accessed through this newsletter.


Dr. Eitan Yudilevich

Executive Director


Success Stories                                                                                                                     

This section features highlights of BIRD funded projects and success stories emanating from our activities. The Stories here appear in modified, simplified form; for full details and quotations, please use the links to the official BIRD press releases.



ARRIS and Resolute Networks Succeed in Developing Industry’s First End-To-End Solution for Provisioning T1\E1 Services Over Standard Cable Infrastructure


ARRIS (, a leading American provider of broadband access and cable telephony solutions, and Israeli Resolute Networks Ltd. (, teamed together for an 18 months project, supported by a BIRD grant of $1.1 Million, in which the companies succeeded in developing the industry’s first end-to-end solution for cable/multi-service operators which enables provisioning of T1/E1 voice, frame relay, and leased line services over the existing cable (DOCSIS) infrastructure, potentially serving hundreds of thousands of businesses.


The joint ARRIS-Resolute solution, the “ARRIS Touchstone® Commercial Services Modem”, will be marketed by ARRIS to key multi service operators. We at BIRD look forward to the rapid adoption of this solution and expect full repayment of the grant in a relatively short period of time.


Read the official, detailed press release HERE

Telcordia Technologies and Unipier Receive $1 Million Grant to Develop a Policy-Based Hand-(Switching) Solution Which Will Allow Session Continuity Between Networks Based on Different Technologies                                                                                                        


American Telcordia Technologies ( and Israeli Unipier ( have recently received a grant from the BIRD Foundation to develop a solution for intelligent, policy-based hand-off (switching) between communications networks based on different technologies, which will allow the maintaining of session continuity between these networks. The integrated solution being developed will give providers more flexible network options, as well as roaming assurance between different technologies. Also, by applying intelligent policy management, the wireless operators using the solution will be able to leverage their current resources and increase customer satisfaction and revenues.


Dr. Shoshana LoebDr. Shoshana Loeb, Executive Director of Network Systems Research at Telcordia, has visited Israel several times to meet with Israeli companies. According to Dr. Loeb, "Meeting one-on-one with Israeli technology companies has been extraordinarily beneficial. Telcordia is always looking for new technology and collaboration opportunities. Through our colleagues at the BIRD Foundation we were able to accomplish both objectives in a very focused and effective way."


Read the official, detailed press release HERE



BIRD News & Updates                                                                                                         

This section features highlights of BIRD organized event, hosted delegations and other relevant developments concerning the BIRD sphere


Google Hosts “Product Strategy” Breakfast Event with Israeli Executives, Invited by BIRD                          


On April 25th, 2006, BIRD Foundation invited Israeli Executives to take part in a breakfast event hosted by Google's product management leadership. Google’s Jonathan Rosenberg, SVP Product Management and Marketing and Susan Wojcicki, VP Product Management gave a fascinating presentation about the company’s strategy.


The presentation revealed, among other things, Google's approach to advancing creativity and self-initiatives by product engineers, which includes providing all engineers what Google calls "20% time" - a day a week to work on personal "pet projects” which they believe would best advance the company

as well as providing engineers the flexibility to chose the projects they work on - effectively "voting" on what would be the most successful and interesting projects.

Also discussed, was Google's "barrier bashing" approach to product management - thinking out-of-the-box and taking constant advantage of technology trends (increase in computing power, bandwidth, etc).

The presenters highlighted the power of Google's overarching vision, which has been providing guidance to the company from day one until today - "Organize the world's information to make it universally accessible and useful.”

Susan Wojcicki, VP Product Management at Google is                            

Susan Wojcicki, VP Product management at Google and Michal Miasnik, Silicon Valley Representative of the BIRD Foundation at the Google Event  

Susan Wojcicki, VP Product Management at Google is showing a picture of
Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s Founders in her garage      
which served as the company's first headquarters           
Susan Wojcicki, VP Product management at Google and Michal Miasnik, Silicon Valley Representative of the BIRD Foundation at the Google Event       

TRIDE, the Israel-Jordan-US Industrial Development Fund, Gets Additional Funding and is Seeking Candidates for Projects                                                                               

A TRIDE* delegation from Israel, lead by its new Executive Director, Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, met recently in Amman with Jordan's Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Dr. Montaser Oklah, and local US representatives. During the meeting, Dr. Oklah expressed his strong support for the TRIDE model and thanked the US representatives for their support.

Since its inception in 1996, TRIDE has invested $1M in three projects; In December 2005, an additional $1M of funding was provided by the three countries. The meeting in Amman included a discussion on future projects that could potentially be funded by the foundation.


The next round of projects seeking funding will be presented at the upcoming meeting of the TRIDE Executive Committee. Companies interested in submitting projects as candidates for TRIDE funding should contact the TRIDE / BIRD office in Tel-Aviv.

The Executive Committee members are: Dr. Eli Opper, Israel's Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor; Mr. Marc Stanley, the U.S. Director of the Advanced Technology Program, NIST; and Dr. Montaser Oklah, Jordan's Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


The TRIDE model consists of a partnership between three companies, one from each country, cooperating in an R&D project to develop a commercial product for the global market. TRIDE co-shares the cost with the three companies on an approximately equal basis. READ MORE…


* TRIDE is the Israel-Jordan-US (Trilateral) Industrial Development Fund, established in 1996.


Pfizer Representatives Visit Israel for a Look into Israel’s Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics Industries                                                                                                            

In November 2005, Representatives from Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, visited Israel for a look into Israel’s developing biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries.


During their stay, Pfizer representatives Dr. David Rosen, Head of Development and Commercial Strategic Alliances and Mr. Ilya Oshman, Vice President of Pfizer Strategic Investments Group visited venture capital groups, incubators, university technology transfer groups and individual company representatives. An entire morning was spent with BIRD Foundation representatives, reviewing BIRD’s portfolio of new companies and new technologies. During the visit, Mr. Oshman and Dr. Rosen also met with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Office of the Chief Scientist to discuss future opportunities for research and for investment in Israel’s rapidly growing biotechnology industry.

In total, over 30 meetings were convened over a four day period, with most of the meetings held at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Israel’s offices in Tel Aviv. Dr. Rosen and Mr. Oshman were hosted by Dr. Thomas Szuran, General Manager of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Israel, Mr. Barak Palatchi, Public Affairs Manager and Ms. Hava Haimovitch, also from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Israel.


Pfizer’s Dr. Rosen noted that “The meetings began early each morning and continued hourly until into the late evening each day. Despite an intensive schedule, we were only able to visit with about half of the companies that were of interest to us during our first visit to Israel. The biotechnology, diagnostics and devices and pharmaceutical development programs were extremely impressive and are a real testament to the quality of science that we expected to see during our visit. I look forward to another visit in the near future”.



BIRD hosts a delegation from U.S. Orthopedic Company BSN Medical in Israel

Three top executives from U.S. orthopedic company BSN Medical, Inc., participated in one-on-one meetings held in Israel with six pre-selected Israeli start-ups developing innovative orthopedic products, during a two day visit to Israel hosted by the BIRD Foundation in December, 2005.


The Israeli companies included were Disc-O-Tech Medical Technologies, Kineticure, Orthomeditec, SunLight Medical, OrthoMechanics and DMMT. These companies were pre-selected by BSN Medical prior to the mission from a group of over fifteen relevant Israeli orthopedic companies introduced to BSN Medical by BIRD.


Representing BSN Medical were the President and the VP of Marketing of the Orthopedics Global Business Unit and the VP of Operations of the UK site.

The mission was initiated and organized by BIRD’s staff, including Limor Nakar-Vincent - East Coast Representative, Grechen Cohen – Southeastern Regional Representative, and Uri Attir – Programs Director.


BSN medical is a manufacturer that specializes in orthopedic medical devices for wound care, casting, bandaging, and phlebotomy. The company has a workforce of over 3,000 employees worldwide and offices in over 33 countries, including manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, the UK and the U.S. BSN medical owns and operates some of the largest brands of casting, splinting and bandaging market, and is one of the most focused non-invasive musculoskeletal repair company, globally.


A Delegation from Lilly Ventures Looks For Early Stage Companies and Ideas in Israel  

A delegation of 3 senior executives from Lilly Ventures, the venture capital arm of Eli Lilly and Company (currently manages $175M), visited Israel in late April 2006 in order to locate and identify new ideas and early stage companies in its areas of interest.


The visit was coordinated with BIRD; The BIRD Foundation presented about fifty companies and technology transfer offices to Lilly Ventures, of which ten were identified as relevant. Meetings with these companies’ representatives took place at Lilly’s offices in Herzliya, Israel. We at BIRD expect further discussions between Lilly Ventures and some of the companies, which were found to be of high interest.

Lilly Ventures is the venture capital arm of Eli Lilly and Company, a leading innovation-driven pharmaceutical company ($15 B annually). Its primary goal is to facilitate the success of companies in Lilly’s areas of focus through early to expansion stage investments and value-adding resources. Lilly Ventures currently has $175M under management and focuses on three major areas of interest: Biotechnology, Healthcare IT and Medical Technology.


BIRD’s West Coast representative, Michal Miasnik, took the lead in organizing this visit, also assisted by Yuval Weiss.


BIRD Team                                                                                                                               

This section features highlights of changes and developments regarding BIRD’s representatives and personnel.


Dear Friends,

At the conclusion of over eight years at BIRD as its Programs Director, just before I head on to meet new challenges as the CEO of an emerging medical devices company, I look back on  those exceptionally interesting and rewarding years at BIRD, feeling that I have been very fortunate. The Israeli and American entrepreneurs and technologists, considered as "the cream of the crop" of society, with whom I've been privileged to work, the wide range of exciting, state-of-the-art technologies which I've been exposed to, and the challenging objective to promote cooperation between relatively dissimilar business entities through a "match-making" process, all justify my feeling of satisfaction as I reflect back on my tenure at BIRD. Yet, most of all, I owe my achievements to my colleagues and others in BIRD's network, who have been dedicated partners and superb teammates throughout, and to whom I'm very grateful.



Uri Attir

American-Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) to Represent BIRD in the Southeast             

BIRD has selected the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Region ( to represent it in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi. AICC’s President Tom Glaser is BIRD’s official representative in the region as of May 1st, 2006.

“Through our new relationship with AICC, we expect to significantly expand our reach in the Southeast, an area of the United States that is increasingly important to Israeli companies,” said Dr. Eitan Yudilevich, BIRD’s executive Director. AICC’s Tom Glaser has noted that they “…look forward to representing this outstanding organization as a major value-add to the companies in our region that can benefit by collaborations with Israel’s most promising technology companies”.


BIRD has been active in the Southeast especially in Georgia and North Carolina, with companies as Arris, Scientific-Atlanta, Glenayre, Sita, Quintiles, Embrex, Intelicoat. With the new representation, BIRD plans to expand its activities to other Southeast states as well.

Dr. Ron Maron Joins BIRD as Director of Business Development                                                 

Dr. Ron Maron joined BIRD in April 2006 as Director of Business Development.


Dr. Maron served until recently as the Managing Director of the Research Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Tel Aviv University in Tel Aviv, Israel. Dr. Maron was instrumental in enrolling the University to the first European Network of Excellence on NanoBio, achieving a leading role in the effort to raise the profile of NanoBio research in Europe.

Previously, Dr. Maron was deputy R&D director at TARO Pharmaceuticals where he focused his efforts in R&D renewal, leading to an outstanding pipeline. Dr. Maron also spent three years as Senior Researcher at Merck Sharp and Dohme, working in physiological NMR and analytical methods. After his return to Israel, he worked in various medical diagnostics firms.


Dr. Maron graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University’s Neurobiology Department.


Proposal Deadlines                                                                                                                  

The BIRD Foundation’s Board of Governors (BOG) is held twice a year: June and December, in Israel & in the U.S. respectively.  BIRD's upcoming BOG is scheduled for June 8, 2006 in Washington, DC. The submission deadline for this BOG was April 30, 2006. BIRD's next BOG meeting is scheduled for the beginning of December 2006, in Jerusalem, Israel.



Thursday, September 14th, 2006 – Executive Summary of the Proposal 

Thursday, October 26th, 2006 – Final Proposal

Please feel free to contact us in order to discuss your proposal, prior to submission of an Executive Summary.

For contact details, please click HERE



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