BIRD Document Upload Instructions


The following are instructions for uploading the drafts and the final documents of the
Project Executive Summary and Project Proposal:

Do not upload documents to the system prior to a personal contact or meeting with our staff in Israel or with our colleagues in the U.S. Such contact will enable a preliminary discussion of the project, the proposed partnership, and the various options available to prospective participants.

The files to be uploaded can be found on: BIRD Procedures and Forms page


·         Go to the upload WEBSITE at:

·         Register in the system. The registration is done at the same session for both companies (can be done by either one of the parties). You will have to enter a valid email addresses for each company which will be used as the USERNAME as well as a PASSWORD. An email confirming the registration which includes the registration information will be sent to both partners.

Registration should be complete and all required information should be provided in order for BIRD to handle the application.

·         Only one project is allowed per each username.

·         The username cannot be changed; however each party can change its password afterwards, by clicking the Change Password option at the top left corner of the page. An email confirming the change will be sent only to the partner who has made the change. 

·         Forgot your password? Click Forgot Password and your password will be sent to your registered email. 

·         After you have completed registration you will get the Login page again. You can login and proceed entering the information. Once you are done, click SAVE and Logout.

·         When uploading files, please refrain from giving the uploaded file long file names. Do not include spaces, numbers or special characters in the file name of the document uploaded.

·         To make changes in your project’s data, log in and click Edit. After making the changes remember to save again. You may change most of the basic information but you can not make changes in documents/files already uploaded.

·         Should you wish to make a change in a file already uploaded, you will have to make the corrections/updates in your original file(s) and reloadthe revised file(s). Please note that the latest uploaded version of the same document will overwrite the previous one. 

·         While you are in EDIT mode, whenever a file is already uploaded you will see the word Replace. To upload another file instead of the one already saved, click and browse to choose the desired file and save again

·         Do not send your data by email to BIRD, unless you are explicitly requested to do so.  In any case of a problem, please contact Maha at +972-3-6988303,   

·         Uploading is possible until the “deadline for submission”, as published on our website or as advised to the companies.

·         BIRD highly recommends that you’ll not wait for the last moment and suggests uploading no later than 24 hours before the deadline.  

***After the submission deadline no document uploaded will be considered neither accepted***


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